We get it, you're an independent superhero who don't need no trainer!!

Before you fly the coop, we'll make sure your weaknesses are corrected to prevent injury, design a workout regime based off your strengths, weaknesses, and goals, and go over them with you before sending you off with tearful pride in our eyes.

The Studio 410 Program Design Package combines personal training and self-led exercising into one.

Here’s what it looks like: 

24/7 Open Gym Access: With the Open Gym membership, you will be able to work out on your own whenever you like. You will have access to all the gym equipment, Workout of the Week programs, news boards, and nutrition boards.

12 Personal Training Sessions: With a personal trainer, you will go over the exercises in your monthly training programs to ensure you are performing each movement with correct form. The trainer will assess your progression each month to see where you have gained strength, and what areas need a bit more work. This is also your chance to ask questions about your specific program, nutrition, and anything else related to your new, fit lifestyle.

Training Programs: Your personal trainer will design a program specific to your goals and needs that will progress and change each month. This is where you can decide how often you would like to come in to the gym, and what kind of training program would suit your personality best.

Function Movement Screening (FMS): you will be assessed on your basic movement patterns to see where your weaknesses lie. Based on your results, additional exercises will be prescribed to help remedy weak movement patterns. These exercises have the potential to help decrease existing aches and pains, and will encourage the use of proper form throughout your workouts, allowing for faster results. 


This program is for an entire year, and ensures long term lifestyle change. For a condensed verison of the same service, check out Strong Start Program Design.


Do you need extra support?

For an additional $60/month you will receive a weekly call from your trainer to make sure you are staying on track!